Remembering It All

Today is Canada’s Remembrance Day, and this year they are paying special tribute to two fallen soldiers: Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent. (Pictured above: a picture of Canadians at war memorials posted by CTV News).

Marilyn Hamilton offers an Integral spin on the holiday in “Remembering Lives and ALL LIFE”, in which she says:

Remembrance Day has traditionally commemorated human life lost in defense of our freedoms. We long for Peace.

We have grown Traditional Peace – between tribes – into Pre-Modern Peace – between worldviews. From there we have grown Modern Peace – between economies into Post-Modern Peace – between nations. And now that we see ourselves from space, without national boundaries, we have grown into an era of Post-Post Modern Peace – aspiring to span across One Earth.

And as we view Peace through a transglobal lens, is it now time to consider an evolution of Peace that transcends our species? Are we being called to make peace with all other the species who co-exist with us on this planet? A growing group are calling our attention to eradicate what they call ecocide – the loss of ecological systems because of human actions.

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Yes, the loss of ecological systems and countless species on the Earth is a staggering tragedy. And who takes a day to remember the pig-footed bandicoot, the darling downs hopping mouse, or the pink-headed duck?

Although Marilyn uses the the word “transglobal” rather than Integral, for this blog’s purposes we are speaking alike. In our words, she is calling for the evolution of a national holiday from one with an Amber intent and function to one which is grounded in a worldcentric view (Green, Teal, or Turquoise).

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