Gai Usha Nub. 111002: Kalen



[June 16 PM]

Let us introduce
Kalen O’Tolán:

I give you Qu’ran: Kalen O’Tolán,
Someone an Oracle, Man and Mantra,
Story to store, re-enchant sky and land.

His Qu’ran is Yours to memorize and say,
In seven thousand dialects to utter,
Choreograph, spar, sing and dance ballet.

Keeper of the Key,
Caretaker of Qur’an,
Consulate of Consciousness,
Curator of the Kalendar,
Custodian of Kronology,
He is the Supreme Lense of Connection.

In the Season of Yang –
He is at the Base of Being,
He is at the Place of Positioning,
He is at the Vortex of Volition,
He is at the Fulcrum of Functioning,
He is at the Theta of Thought,
He is at the Thus of Otherness,
He is at the Direction of Duty,
He is at the Turning of Truth,
He is at the Cause of Resolution.
He is Kalen O’Tolán!

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Gai Usha Nub. 110222: Guru



[June 15 AM]

Guru teaches proper place
Of Garbage and the Garden,
When to Galvanize old things,
What to Garnish to make new.
He is the Ruin of Great Things,
She is the Ruin of Glory.

Guru wears Robe for Garment,
Rugged as a Rug, Ruffled
By the hands of the Gathered.
Rouge it may be, sanguine cloth
Rubescent as if humble,
Which it is, and is not really.

Guru is the God is You,
The Deepest You of Godhead,
Rejected, Returned, Reused,
Recycling God in a Glance,
Glum Face, Glowering, and Rude,
End of Divine Governance.

Gai Usha Nub. 110220: God / Gods / Goddess


God: ╎╎│┆┆│┆│

Gods: ╎╎│┆┆│┆││┆┆

Goddess: ╎╎│┆┆│┆│╎╎╎││

[June 14 AM]


God and Gods and Goddesses
Are almost identical
When spoken in Lingua-U:
Alike in the voice to call
The Name of the Almighty
Given at You-Yang Station
In the Seat of Governance.
They are identical Words
To at least the eighth degree
Of energy most subtle,
Described by the Kalendar
Brought by Kalen O’Tolán.

This means — What is like in speech
Is like in Logos: The Rule
Of What-Is, on This Date,
God is the Yang Governor,
Goddess is Yin Governess,
Gods are in the Rulership.
This is not a tradition,
But philosophy of Words.
To God is given Command,
Goddess oversees Balance,
And gods are in many Names,
According to Lingua-U.

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Gai Usha Nub. 110200: Gap



[June 11 AM]

There is a Gap
Between the Worlds:
A Gaping Hole
Between the Wholes.
The Gap begins
With Galaxy
In every Pore.
It Gathers Parts
Apart from Us,
It Approaches
With Gallantry
Until the End,
Gathering Space.

It’s the Apex
Of Achievement:
A Goal once reached
Opens a Gap
Appearing with
And it threatens
Of the Old Way.
Our Aptitude
Is to Govern
Within the Gap,
And so at last
Its Power Tap.


Gai Usha Nub. 110122: Goal



[June 10 PM]

Goal begins with Grabbing
Wrapped upon a Soul,
Eagle become a Gopher,
Digging more and more.

Greed may drive the Gopher,
Goodness not good enough,
Greatness caught upon its eye,
Getting done with any luck.

Soul opposes Goal,
Its Foil in Spirit’s Fold,
Self’s Bowl shown in its Yang
Exercised by a Yin.

Goal is not reached by Young,
But Gotten by the Old,
Those with the Gumption,
Bold and Proud and Gold.

The End of Goal is Centered
Upon a Mold for Modeling
And Control for Containing
Form which seeks to Grow.

Gai Usha Nub. 110021: Good



[June 5 AM]


At the Unitive Root of Governance,
At the Yang Affirmative of Greatness,
In the Proper Order of Godliness,
Past the Gate Opening to Yin-Yin-Yang,
Contrasting with the Yang Impulse to Gain,
And contrasting to the Yin Drive to Gift,
You will find Yourself Growing in Goodness.


The Wood is in Tree
As Good is in Truth:
Deep Roots under Earth,
Secrets in the Word.
Trunk Rising to Sky,
Morals Sizing More.
Branches Branching Out,
Choices Closing Off.
Leaves Absorbing Light,
Kindness Making Right.
Flower Drinking Rain,
Power Causing Pain.
The Wood is Outside,
The Good is Inside.


How Good and God interact –
Good is the Yang principle;
Goad is the Yin principle;
God is the You principle.

Feel vowel /ʊ/, how Yang does should,
Feel vowel /o/, how Yin does flow,
Feel vowel /ɒ/, how You does yar,
This is a lesson in Speech.

The Three Principles are One
Save for the Fourth Energy
Demarcation subtly,
Goodness Goaded is of God.

Without Goodness, no action
Happens in God; without God,
There is no Goal to Goodness,
No Goad to correct conscience.


Goodness begins
From Our Gaia

At its Center:

Goodness does end
As Should should end,

So Understood.

Gai Usha Nub. 110012: Guilt



[June 3 PM]

Guilt begins with Gifts
Revolted or spoilt,
Tilted or wilted,
Blackened and silted.

Golden, Gilded youths
Under the surface
Guilty as they’re charged,
Falsely confident.

Ill at the Center,
The Will is at fault,
The Fill is too much,
Overflowing, spilt.

Like to Guilt’s essence:
Gills exchange gasses,
Absorbing pure air,
Pushing out the rest.

To relieve your Guilt:
Return unearned Gifts,
Seek after Goodness,
Resist trespasses.

Gai Usha Nub. 110010: Gift



[June 3 PM]

Gift is a Gain
Emptied of Pain
Caused by selfish

It gains an If,
A condition
Of owner’s Shift,
A sifting of use.

At the Center
Of Gift is If:
Will you accept
Or reject the good?

A Gift may lift
The giver’s heart,
The getter’s part
Made whole in the trade.

Fêng is Fullness,
Chên over Li,
Great abundance
In society;

The Elements:
Human on top,
Space in center,
Earth at the bottom.

See how the Earth
Fills emptiness
And a Human
May Gift or not Gift.

Gai Usha Nub. 110001: Gay



[June 2 PM]

Ace at the base
Of God’s Godliness:
The odd delight
Of gaiety

Gay is the one
Who gazes at Same,
At the Yang Seat
In gaudy dress.

Gay is cheerful
When what is cherished
Is gotten good,
An achievement.

Lighthearted one,
Your giddy gladness,
A gay party
At the gala.

Gaining it is,
Playfully gaming,
Unseating Yang
At the headpiece.

Gay grounds the G,
Letter of Going,
Start line of Goal,
Ace of Gleaning.

Ace at the base
Of Same-sex bonding,
Gliding, grinding,
Guiding, binding.

Gai Usha Nub. 110000: Gate



[June 2 AM]

The Great Ones are powerful
Straight lines have come to enter
The inner force is gainful
The outer world approaches
What is right and what is just
Are united in The Gate.
The Yang Seat of Governance
Is neither Door nor Portal,
Opening with rounded face,
But a gay trade and gale force,
Touch of the tip of a blade.
Gate is guarded by Thunder.
On the one side is closure,
And on the other treasure.
Passing the Gate is getting
In a babe’s style of greatness,
Naked radiance to see
The Station of Godliness.