Gai Usha Nub. 022102: Zen



[Apr 14 PM]

Look at Zen –

Zen fulfills the Zephyr’s purpose
Negates the Zest of existence
Brings both into an envelope

The end of Seiza and Kiza
One kneels in a Zed-like posture
Preparing to embrace the nil

The mental unites with Reason
Entering into entropy
Ending with the end’s beginning

Gai Usha Nub. 022100: Zephyr



[Apr 13 PM]

Zephyr is a western wind
A gentle breeze
Effusing power of Zephyrus,
Wind most fertile,
God who gave his name for us
To speak, effably, of
Invisible things
Meaning ferried to and fro
Effortful suffering
Flames of the effigy burn east
What is ready must be earned
On the Zephyr we can ride
Easily easing into Me.

Gai Usha Nub. 022010: Zig-Zag



[Apr 11 AM]

I zig
Interior direction
Of God’s involution

I zag
Expansive action
Of God’s evolution

Out of Zilch
Into Exactness

Gai Usha Nub. 022010: Zipper



[Apr 10 PM]

Zipping You Up
The end of Close
Beginning with the tip
Of Zipper slipping
Into a clip
Peeling into a new perspective
Slipping into Me
Grasping at Me
Clasping at Me
Ending at the end of Close

Undoing at the end of Close
Clasping at You
Grasping at You
Clipping into You
Unpeeling to a new perspective
Of a Zipper slipping
Out of a clip
Ending with the lip
O, the beginning of Open
Unzipping You

Gai Usha Nub. 022002: Zany



[Apr 10 AM]

I am ready secretly
Preparing for rest
After all this time,
So many days of Yang,
So many fires,
So much thunder,
So much gathering
With neither music nor humor
A valor tentative,
Tested without conclusion
As daylight tapers in the South
As time dials down in the North
I am ready for You,
Zany poet

Who else would ask how to Zai
On the zig-zag path to Zion?

Who else would require
Movement without return but reason?
Thought with both purpose and surprise?

These are the days, these are the times
When more of the Same is madness
When the Zei is alive with the center of Anything

Photo Credit: Nina Matthews Photography via Compfight cc

Gai Usha Nub. 021222: Tolerance



[Apr 8 PM]

Tolerance begins with talking
A tapering of hollering
Bringing together all of us
For learning much from each other
It closes as the balance ends
A more educated conscience

Photo Credit: TaylorMiles via Compfight cc

Gai Usha Nub. 021220: Top

Moutain ridge fragment. Winter. Carpathians


[Apr 7 PM]

Stay at
The top

Sets off
The top

Makes for
The top

Stand tall
See there
The top

Top is
Awe put
In place

Photo Credit: fotosutra via Compfight cc

Gai Usha Nub. 021211: Tower


[Apr 6 PM]

Rising outside
Powerful Tower
Shape of a T
Arising in a Word;
Not merely a Post
Put in a hole
Stuck in the ground,
But puny in size;
Round as a column
Which may topple,
But as sturdy
As the ground itself
On which I rest.

Photo Credit: marcp_dmoz via Compfight cc

Gai Usha Nub. 021200: Taffy



[Apr 4 PM]

Sticky to touch
Stretched confection
Like a giraffe’s neck
Taffy fruity fluffy
My candy feeling

Gai Usha Nub. 021201: Tact



[Apr 5 AM]

Watch how I act here
Put on tactful manners
Use delicate greetings
Empathetic Gemini
This is how galaxies parlay
Diplomat to diplomat
Expanding into the void