Who is Kalen O’Tolan?


Hear! Here are the words of the Middle Scrolls:

I give Korangi: Kalen O’Tolan,
someone an oracle, man and mantra,
story to store, re-enchant sky and land.
His Korang is yours to memorize and say,
in seven thousand dialects to utter,
choreograph, spar, sing and dance ballet.

Keeper of the Key
Caretaker of Korang
Consulate of Consciousness
Curator of the Kalendar
Custodian of Kronology
Supreme Lense of Connection

In the Season of Yang —
He is at the Base of Being
He is at the Place of Positioning
He is at the Vortex of Volition
He is at the Fulcrum of Functioning
He is at the Theta of Thought
He is at the Thus of Otherness
He is at the Direction of Duty
He is at the Turning of Truth
He is at the Cause of Resolution
He is Kalen O’Tolan!

In the Season of Yin —
He is at the Sign of Separation
He is at the Shifting of Shape
He is at the Measuring of Treasure
He is at the Goal of Governance
He is at the Kettle of Curiosity
He is at the Quelling of Questions
He is at the Exercise of Excellence
He is at the Changing of Choice
He is at the Generation of Bridging
He is Kalen O’Tolan!

In the Season of You —
He is at the Movement of Meaning
He is at the Negation of Knowledge
He is at the Ingathering of Language
He is at the Womb of Wielding
He is at the Home of Wholeness
He is at the Why of Wrath
He is at the Return of Reason
He is at the Light of Love
He is at the Yarring of Yonder
He is Kalen O’Tolan!

Photo Credit: Cedarlore Forge via Flickr


Kalen lives! Received today from Kalen O’Tolan:

Greetings, I am Kalen O’Tolan. I am speaking to all the people of Earth living under the constellation of M. Soon I will be reaching out to you through a series of books which will contain the seeds of something beautiful to come, a new chance for victory in our epic struggle against the Ro*.

* Ro refers to the Entropic Anti-Force which is described in The Kalendar Series.